Friday, June 4, 2010

last message : the love behind our relationship ~

6 years, we have been knowing each other for 6 years and now, our relationship is officially done...

There are lots of memories between you and I. We were best friends because we were so much alike as in a different way. And also we did share our love and affection for each other.

At first , we talked a lot and it became obvious that we had a lot in common. We became more and more inpressed with each other as the days and weeks went by. It often happened that we thought of the same thing, and we both felt the same way that we are important to each other. If for some reasons we could not meet up then there would be messages going back and forth to make up for the lack. We spoke on the phone and we were truly honest with each other.

We had good communication either but somehow , now the relationship is getting worst and I’ve seriously no idea why is it like that. reason is because, there is no understanding? or lack of communication? ya maybe thats the truth as we didn get to meet up that often since I had transferred to another school. I find it sad though cause there is a feeling of distance starting to occur in our relationship.

We behaved as though we were going together and I had to admit that I did spend a lot of time thinking of “you” but we both knew that because of the distance between us we did not have a chance.

I knew something bad was going to happen before the day “you” called me, I knew that it was going to over before it had begun. Things got worst when you did not want to continue with the relationship as you were tired and felt like you were drowning, you blamed me I did nothing and you did all the chasing. I was heart broken and couldn’t really believe that a human being who is suppose to be sweet and caring could treat me that way. I was in a shock for quite a long while. The feeling I had was so bad and I decided that no more did I want to put an effort on any kind of relationship.

Words to you : “ I’ve tried my best to show you my loves, my best friend. I’d given you thousandth times of explainations , saying that I’m still the same. Instead of telling you how exactly I feel , I even made it through actions. But whatever I have done, why is it never enough to make you feel my love? I cant understand why you found me in the first place if you thought that I wasn’t a good one. =( ”

Its all my fault after all, I was the one who changed at first, sorry.

I wanted to tell this story but I would not like for people to think as if it was a source of disappointments. Thanks :)


I’ve not regretted knowing you as my best friend, sunny =)